Who can be served at C3356?
Anyone who is seeking behavioral health crisis services, for mental health, substance use, or for intellectual disabilities and mental health, may call or come to C3356.

What if I receive my mental health or substance abuse services from a behavioral health provider other than RHA?
If you are receiving an enhanced service, (ACTT, CST, Innovations, etc.) from RHA or another provider, please first contact your team to obtain first responder crisis support. If you decide to use C3356 crisis services, your provider will assist you in this process.

What if I am not currently receiving behavioral health services?
Anyone who is seeking behavioral health crisis services, for mental health, substance use, or for intellectual disabilities and mental health, may call or come to C3356, regardless of whether they have ever received services in the past.

How much does it cost to come to C3356?
Crisis services are provided without concern for ability to pay. If you have a Medicaid or private insurance card, please bring that card with you. However, you will receive crisis services, regardless of insurance or ability to pay.

Does C3356 serve children?
Yes, children, ages 4 and older, and accompanied by the parent, guardian or appointed responsible adult can come to C3356 for screening and crisis evaluation. The staff at C3356 will assist in making appropriate referrals and plans for services. If admitted to the behavioral health urgent care, a responsible adult must remain with the child. Children in need of routine mental health services can receive referrals by calling Vaya Health Customer Services for access to care: 1-800-849-6127 or by calling RHA Children’s Services at 828-785-1889. Please note, RHA Child Services other than for crisis are located at 131 McDowell Street in Asheville.

How can I get to C3356?
You can drive or have a friend drive you to 356 Biltmore Avenue in Asheville or you can take the bus line to the stop at the corner of Florence and Biltmore.

What if I can’t get there or am unable to leave my house?
You may call Mobile Crisis at 1-888-573-1006 to talk with a staff member and learn about how Mobile Crisis may be able to help you. If you have a physical injury, medical emergency or other life threatening emergency, please call 911.

If I am in crisis and I have intellectual disabilities and mental health concerns, can I come to C3356?
Yes, the RHA staff at Mobile Crisis, Walk In / Same Day Access, or the Behavioral Health Urgent Care can help you. Please call 828-254-2700 to get more information. You may need a family member or a natural or paid support person to bring you and stay with you as you participate in screening and crisis evaluation. If you need someone with you at all times to be safe and stable, or if you need assistance with personal care, mobility, communication, or other daily needs a family member, friend or paid staff support will be needed to assist you while you are at C3356. If you have Innovations Waiver or state funded services, your service provider will assist you as you seek help for your crisis.

Is everyone who is screened and evaluated for crisis at C3356 admitted to the behavioral health urgent care observation unit?
No, there are various reasons why you may not be admitted to the C3356 behavioral health urgent care observation unit. Some of those reasons might be that the unit is at capacity or that your needs can be met in another way. Also, there will be instances when the unit’s level of care is insufficient to meet your needs. The C3356 staff will work in collaboration with you, your natural supports, and any currently involved provider agencies to make safe plans for appropriate discharge and referral to other services in these cases.

What can I and should I bring with me when I come in for help with a crisis?
Please bring your Medicaid or other insurance card and your medications or a complete list of medications. If you have a copy of an individual service plan and a safety or crisis plan, please bring that with you. Please do not bring personal items or extra clothing.

What if I can’t leave my pets or my house?
It is common for people to be concerned about the care and safety of pets or the security of their home if they must be away for more than a few hours. Please call 828-254-2700 to talk to staff who may be able help you with referrals for pet care during crises and suggestions about leaving your home secure while you are away.

Do I have to be a RHA consumer to use the Peer Living Room?
No, anyone who is interested in working with peer specialists and engaging in a recovery journey can use the living room. If you have intellectual disabilities, support needs for communication, mobility, or personal assistance, you may wish to bring along a support staff or a friend who can assist you during your first visit.

How can NAMI help me?
NAMI Western Carolina is a grassroots mental health organization that offers support and resources to individuals and families affected by mental illness. Hours of operation and support group schedules are posted on the website namiwnc.org . NAMI focuses on improving wellness and quality of life through the key concepts of recovery, resilience and support.

Can I use the C3356 Pharmacy to fill my behavioral health medications?
Yes, if you are an eligible Buncombe County resident and have a referral from a behavioral health provider and a prescription, you may use the C3356 Pharmacy. To learn more about eligibility or the ABCCM pharmacy services at C3356, visit the pharmacy or call 828-259-5306. If you have questions about filling your behavioral health prescriptions and you are not a Buncombe County resident, you may call Vaya Health Customer Services at 1-800-849-6127.

If I am not in crisis but want to explore mental health services, can I go to C3356?
Yes, you can call 828-254-2700 for information and appointment times. You can also walk in to the upper level entrance of C3356 between 8 am and 5 pm, Monday through Friday, to learn more about RHA outpatient services, NAMI, and the ABCCM pharmacies.

How can I receive help if I am in crisis and not in Buncombe County or nearby?
Every county in the 23 Vaya Health counties of western North Carolina has 24/7 Mobile Crisis Services and comprehensive care centers with regular business hours which offer walk in or same day access to care for people in crisis. For the service closest to you, please call Vaya Health Customer Services at 1-800-849-6127. If you are in crisis and wish to speak to a member of a Mobile Crisis Team, the call center will stay on the line and connect you with a team member.  If you have a physical injury, medical emergency or other life threatening emergency, please call 911.