Support a person you know to find help. Call 828-254-2700 or come in to 356 Biltmore Avenue in Asheville, NC.

Community and Self Referrals

You may self refer to C3356 by calling 828-254-2700  or coming to C3356.  Friends and family members may support you by making the call with you, driving or accompanying you to C3356, and staying with you during your screening and crisis evaluation.  If you are not in crisis but wish to access mental health or substance abuse services, call 828-254-2700 or come to the Walk In / Same Day Access Center on the Upper Floor of C3356, Monday through Friday, 8am until 5 pm.

If you are a person who has significant limitations with communication, mobility, self care, activities of daily living, or is relying on a significant other, natural or paid support to remain safe and interact effectively with health care providers, you will need a responsible person to accompany you to C3356 and remain with you until staff can help you plan for the assistance you will need while there.

 Healthcare Providers

Clinicians, psychiatrists, doctors, and other professionals may make referrals with and for individuals.  No referral form is required in this process.  Please call 828-254-2700 to initiate a referral.

Law Enforcement Referrals

Law enforcement officers may bring individuals who to choose to voluntarily initiate crisis services to the Lower Level Crisis Entrance at C3356, 24/7/365. The law enforcement drop off site for individuals under voluntary commitment is currently at the Neil Dobbins Center at 277 Biltmore Avenue.  The designated involuntary commitment drop off site will move to the Lower Level / Crisis Services at C3356 when the Neil Dobbins Center moves to that location before the end of 2016.