Facility Based Crisis


Neil Dobbins Center is located at C3356 – 356 Biltmore Avenue.


24 hours a day

7 days a week


If you need to stay in a safe place for more than 24 hours, and up to several days in order to become stable enough to return home, you may be admitted to facility based crisis.  This is a program which provides ongoing assessment, and helps you create a treatment plan.

You will spend time individually and in groups with clinicians and peer support specialists to identify your strengths and your individual support and treatment needs, as well as make a plan for your recovery.  You will see a doctor who will work with you and the other members of your team.

  • This program provides your meals, your medications, and a safe and comfortable bedroom and “scrubs” to wear during your stay.  While a friend or family member may bring you to this program, they will not remain with you during your stay, and you should not bring personal items or extra clothing with you.   Any items you bring will be stored for you during your stay.  The facility based crisis program is unable to provide space and care for pets and animal companions other than service dogs. Staff can assist with recommendations for pet care while you are away from home.
  • An important part of your planning is preparation for your return home and continuation with your recovery journey.  You will work with your team to create a safety plan and an ongoing recovery plan, including options for your healthcare and treatment, as well as connections with community resources.
  • Some individuals may need a higher level of care after being at the facility based crisis program and will be referred to inpatient or other appropriate levels of care.  If this is your need, you will be at the center of the related planning.

The facility based crisis program provides treatment for individuals who voluntarily seek treatment, and for those who are involuntarily committed to treatment.

If you have been involuntarily committed to treatment, you may be transported to C3356 by a law enforcement officer.